I Don’t Need Kicks With Ticks On ‘Em


Any fashion enthusiast would agree that it is disheartening to discover that your wardrobe looks exactly like the next guy’s. As a result we either find ourselves going on ridiculous goose chases for the most unique pieces that are difficult to find locally to add some life to our otherwise dull wardrobe (does the name ‘Doc Martens ring any bells?) Or we fall into the brand trap of simply buying by name; “Prada, Versace, Givenchy”  or any top local designers in the hopes of looking different.


Here’s my two cents: There’s nothing that says “I am an individual that has both great taste and personal style” better than combining DIY with quality high-fashion materials. The look may come across a little grunge (coupled with an air of nonchalance), but that’s the point. We don’t want to look like we just walked off the runway as good as that sounds. In reality we want our look to be à la mode, yet effortless.


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– Creative Director, Jonathan Lubala