Chanel Après Coco

When one thinks of fashion we often make the assumption that its value is solely held in its visual appearance and nothing more. The origins of the fashion house Chanel and what the line represents today stands as a testament that fashion can be more than just a visual pursuit. It can in fact transcend its aesthetics to deliver a message.

German designer Karl Lagerfeld (L) ackno

Coco Chanel was a feminist, using her views on womanhood to liberate woman all around the world through her clothing. Her collections were premised on the idea of bringing a sense of masculinity and freedom, allowing greater movement and comfort. Providing convenience to the working woman while maintaining an elegant feminine air.

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A concept that was novel and daring at the time of the fashion house’s inception, where the use of corsets had been the norm and the ‘ideal’ woman was one that stayed at home, cooked , cleaned and helped raise children.


Her collections are a direct affront to this ideal and came to popularity with the widespread rise of the flappers. Today, support of feminism has spread throughout the world and the idea of a working woman is no longer taboo. Coco Chanel undeniably played a part in this.

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– Creative Director, Jonathan Lubala