The 25 Most Powerful People In Streetwear

The basis of streetwear demand is premised on the limited availability of the created collections. Japanese mogul Nigo and Pop artist turned street label owner KAWS are amongst the outrageously creative few who have been aware of this golden rule and have put it to good use. So when a buzzed about list of the 25 most powerful names in streetwear is released, one has to ask themselves who are these people to begin with, what has made them the street fashion giants that they are today, and if creating collectors items is the biggest rule , how did they initially spread the word with only a few owning their clothes.

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The Cartoon Citizen brings you a comprehensive breakdown of the names on this list. With each day we will be counting further down the list, enlightening you on the current masterminds that are making street fashion tick.

25. Michael “Mega” Yabut


Michael “Mega” Yabut is one part of the formidable duo that founded the company BLVCK SCVLE in November 2007 (a streetwear label that started off selling t-shirts in San Fransico).



The label has moved from strength to strength establishing flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York. Their clothing is now available in hundreds of outlets throughout the world.



Their collections carry a philosophical motif, each item functioning as a comment of society. A string of successful creative collaborations have helped cement their position amongst the biggest names of street fashion today.

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– Creative Director, Jonathan Lubala