#24: Ruslan Karablin

As promised, the continuation of our countdown of the 25 Most Powerful People In Streetwear:

24. Ruslan Karablin

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A living definition of innovation, Ruslan Karablin (also known as SURR) has managed to make a name for himself amongst the streetwear and art community alike.

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An artist himself, he’s used the imagery created in his works as the graphics throughout his clothing to create unique collections.


The concept isn’t a novel one, but its his ability to deliver with such great timing that has made him standout.

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The brains behind the “Comme Des FUCKDOWN” craze – a play on the Japanese fashion label Comme Des Garçons  which means ‘Like Boys’ and is pronounced ‘Calm – De – FUCKDOWN’, SURR’s place on this list is rightfully earned.

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– Creative Director, Jonathan Lubala