Our number 25 on the list BLVCK SCVLE’s Mega talks to us about the brand SURR and its creator, number 24, Ruslan Karablin himself:

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“I have been a fan of SSUR for a very long time. I remember going to the SSUR store in New York city for the first time in 2000 walking around Little Italy and running into the store on Mulberry Street not knowing what SSUR was and to see the crazy sh*t in that store I instantly fell in love with the brand. All the years after that going to New York I always made sure to stop in and see what I can purchase and take home back to San Francisco. From the graphic tee’s, accessories to art work I bought from the SSUR store I was officially introduced to Ruslan Karablin in 2010 from a mutual friend Jenn Klein in Los Angeles, Ca. That same year Alfred (Co Owner of BLVCK SCVLE) and the team went to New York to look for space for the BLVCK SCVLE store we wanted to open, I stumbled again on the present location of the SSUR store located on Elizabeth street in Nolita and saw my homie Dave working in the store and asked him what they will be doing with the space and if they were going to stay there or move because I fell in love with the location and the space. Dave told me to talk to Russ and when I got back to Los Angeles Russ and I connected and the BLVCK SSVR PLVS store was born. It’s crazy what has happened in New York and the relationship between the two brands have been amazing. We have our store in New York with one of the illest dudes in the industry and it was only right to have Dave manage it who is also another ill dude to keep it going… it’s like a new life to share not only the SSUR vision but as well as ours. We love you Russ and we look forward to the future. It’s only the beginning.”