Our Debut Guest Writer

Its an absolute honor for The Cartoon Citizen to present our first Guest Writer, a raw and rare literary talent, Beatrice Hollow, who will be previewing some of her writing, poetry and brilliant thoughts through our Twitter account @cartoonCitizen for the following two months.

“These poems are from a collection entitled ‘Lux sit’ which means ‘let there be light’ in Latin. The poems in this series were inspired by my thinking at the time. I was very interested in the juxtaposition  between the body, the corporal, the fleshy almost carnal reality of existence and the spiritual. I was moved by the idea of the holy imbued in the physical.”


There is loneliness

that cannot be eased by birds

By soft feathers

By gentle call

By small, sweet, vibrating hearts

There is loneliness that cannot be moved by hands

By silent, certain touch

By tiny fingers plucking sorrow

To give music to the air

A loneliness that rises

Like the crescendo and the blood

A loneliness that sings

A kind of humming that wraps around the  ribs


Wrenching notes from the marrow

Until the bones are out of tune

There is a loneliness, bound tight

Like hands clasped in prayer

Like begging

Because to be lonely is to beg

And to beg

And to beg


Small One

I thought I’d better tell you

That you

Standing there

Is a wonder

The miracle of your spine

Each vertebrae a halo

Holy to the bone

Small One

How you breathe

Shift the dream again

You charge the air with glory

You move the hairs to life

Part your lips for token

Offer up your truth

Small One you are burning

Small One you’re in bloom

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