Final Countdown: 7

7. Hiroshi Fujiwara

Like a great streetwear folklore, once upon a time in the year 1993 was a kid from Tokyo named Nigo who decided to start a store called Nowhere. Now assuming you are aware of the rise of Bape in the street fashion scene, then you’d know too that Hiroshi played a big part in all this, being Nigo’s partner in the creation of the Nowhere store from which Bape gained its popularity.  A man who truly understands how much can be achieved from selling limited edition apparel,  Hiroshi has been considered by many as the true originator of this concept, turning it into now a widespread phenomenon within streetwear culture. His creative skills in partnership with Nigo help put them on the map, and the rest is history. Today, the designer operates under his Fragment Design label, creating items that range from apparel to phone cases, as well as collaborations with top brands such as Nike. Fujiwara’s relevance in the streetwear industry’s past and present has granted him an elite reputation.