Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela has recently gained reputation within street culture due to the fashion house’s frequent mentions amongst the lips of some of pop’s finest; adding to the current ongoing surgence of designers and pop icons who are blurring the line that divides street fashion from high fashion.


Margiela was born in 1957 on the 9th of April in Genk, Belgium, where he later grew up to study fashion at a tertiary level. Throughout his career the designer has maintained a low personal profile, avoiding the media frenzy that often accompanies being a member of high fashion, his picture having never been taken before. Despite his efforts to evade attention, Margiela still became known as part of *The Antwerp Six during his years of study.



The fashion house collects and makes use of used clothing, accessories and objects from around the world, as well as newly produced items. The blueprint behind this unique creative process was established in 1988.


One of the focuses of the Maison’s creative expression is resurrecting these vintage pieces and re-casting them in a new way, creating juxtaposition in their collections, appearing both timeless and ahead of their time. Each piece produced by the fashion house is made by hand in the Maison’s atelier. The complexity of the materials and processes necessary at each stage of production naturally limits the quantity produced. However, its this system of creation that ensures character is embedded within every piece, conveying a unique story on every model.

*The Antwerp Six were a group of influential avant garde fashion designers who graduated from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts between 1980-1981.

mask by maison martin margiela

– Written by our new intern Hlumelo Ntsokolo! Welcome to the family mate!

– Edited by Jonathan Lubala and Teddy Masopha