Givenchy AW13

Ricardo Tisci -The Cartoon Citizen’s ordained ‘God of Goth’ – was born in Taranto, Italy; a region that has mythological connections to mermaids and marines. It seems home isn’t too far away from the dark, eerie, languid and sometimes even space aged designs that Tisci has created for Givenchy and presented to the world.


Tisci’s eighth creative directing season for Givenchy is being celebrated by the successful collection staged at the Paris Fashion Week AW13 this autumn. Despite the predictable use of dark shades, the unprecedented and intriguing gloom found in any Tisci designed Givenchy piece isn’t lost. However, a particular set of jackets stood out for us. Their rough element fused with the sport build is reminiscent of ice hockey attire mixed with high fashion ingenuity.


Tisci and the Givenchy team encapsulate the classic 90’s Ice Hockey feel with a secondary jacket around the waist. This could help continue the currently in vogue kilt characteristic or simply to create a layered appearance – we’ll leave that one up to you.

Whilst managing to convey masculinity in the sport undertone it takes on, the jackets in addition manage to embody a sense of fragility. Appearing as though some parts of the jacket are being merely kept together by the frail thick lacing along the shoulder and forearm areas.


Let’s not ignore this piece’s practical value, being undoubtedly stylish and fashion-domineering is one thing, but for the piece to actually go beyond it’s creative caliber and impress with it’s weather protective material summarises the designer’s understanding for seasonal practicality. The venue of the show was completed with candles and lighting that would ideally suit a gothic meeting with some sort of fashion fetish theatre. The Givenchy AW13 jacket is yet another item by Givenchy that doesn’t just speak for itself, it boasts.

– Written by Hlumelo Ntsokolo

– Edited by Teddy Masopha and Jonathan Lubala