What happened to OriginalFake?

Followers of KAWS’ OriginalFake blog have been worriedly asking themselves for some time now why the last post made was in June of 2012, and the rumors that OriginalFake would be reaching the end of it’s lifespan didn’t help ease the worries either.

KAWS has officially announced that OriginalFake is being put to bed. May 2013 celebrates the seventh year anniversary of OriginalFake. Medicom and KAWS decided to consummate their wonders, and end the productive life of the ever profitable company.

Here’s a brief exhibit to celebrate some of KAWS’ greatest creations under his OriginalFake line:


originalfake-kaws-boba-fett-star-wars-02 originalfake original-fake-2-fingers-black originalfake-gingham-varsity-jacket-1

artwork_images_425933685_792724_-kaws artwork_images_423787643_786992_-kaws artwork_images_425131993_774000_-kaws artwork_images_425131993_773995_-kaws kaws-18016_1 Kaws_pinnochio