We Applaud Ronaldo Fraga; Brazilian Fashion’s Pioneer

Ronaldo Fraga is considered Brazilian fashion’s “cult” designer. One of his trademarks is the dialogue he maintains between national culture and the contemporary world. His designs for Melissa have embodied these qualities and offer a mix of colour, cheek and style to the new collection. Considered one of the most important names within Brazil’s fashion history, Ronaldo Fraga is this season’s hottest export and the latest Melissa® collaborator. A graduate of Parson’s School of Design in New York and Saint Martin’s School in London, Ronaldo Fraga launched his label in 1996 with the collection titled “I love chicken hearts” which announced his obscure and marvellous entry into the Fashion Industry.

As well as working on his self-titled fashion brand, Ronaldo Fraga works on developing projects that aim to generate employment within the garment and design industries within Brazil. In 2007, he received commendation from the Brazilian cultural order, a prize which is awarded to citizens who proudly embody and support Brazilian culture. This award was handed to him by Minister of Culture ‘Gilberto Gil’, which Fraga claimed was truly a great honour. This was a also a significant event for the Fashion Industry as a whole, as it was the first time this award was granted to a designer and the first time the Brazilian Fashion Industry was identified as an instrument of cultural re-affirmation by the Federal Government

It’s not quite spring here in South Africa, but we just couldn’t ignore Fraga’s relevance and had to appreciate what he’s doing for Brazil’s fashion culture, here’s a look at his latest Spring/Summer 2014 collection: