Masatomo Yamaji



Frequent collaborator of front-man Will.I.Am of The Black Eyed Peas, Masatomo Yamaji, released an intriguing collection at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. Our reason for revisiting the collection is its uncanny approach to the classic silhouette of a man in a suit. Some of the outfits were interestingly reminiscent of Anime characters, while the enlarged rounded sunglasses typically found directed at females have been repurposed, gorgeously framing the contours and jaw lines of the male model’s faces to great effect. This collection in particular carries resemblance in motif with the Thom Browne collection, which aimed at playing with form as well. The gap and diversity between the two collections is what we find most thrilling a reminder of how contemporary men’s fashion- even the classics – are becoming more and more open to avant-garde reinterpretation, veering away from traditional boredom.