Rick Owens x Adidas |Monochromatic Opulence | Spring 2014

So was Owens trying to scare us? ‘I was hoping to,’ he explained after the show. ‘Isn’t it a delight to feel a little bit shocked? We all love menace, we all love the evil queens of the Disney films and I’m the evil queen of Paris.”

In Paris, 5 days ago, Owen’s goth fans got nothing less than they expected from him – leather, zippers and skirts. Its quite a probable prediction that about every rapper will be draped in the ‘new’ collection from head to toe next month. In addition, a¬†collaboration with Adidas two weeks ago added a distinctive palette for Owens to work from. The sneakers are characteristically minimalist, with a predominant mix of leather and nylon. The collection consists of one trainer in six unique materials and color combinations for men, and four for women.




Like his personal collection, the sneakers debuted at Paris Fashion Week. The collection will be available at the beginning of December, with prices ranging from four to five hundred Euros.




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