Andre Courreges Had A ‘Space Age’ Collection


The 1960’s was an era defined by aberrant fashion, greatly influenced by the ‘Space Age’. The futuristic look began to pick up in 1957 and by 1964 French designer Andre Courreges created a ‘Space Age’ collection. The collection was made up of short silky skirts in fluorescent colors ,silky fabrics, printed shapes and images on the fabric ,long leather boots ,goggles, and geometric shapes. These outfits were worn by female models. Despite clothing created in the era having begun taking influence from the future, Courreges’ collection was still considered revolutionary.













A few other designers, such as Pierre Cardin designed for the future throughout the decade, advancing make and unisex fashions. The evidence of the chronology could be seen in Michael Jackson’s Scream music video. Long time designers for Jackson involved Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush. His ‘Scream’ video features items such as Captain EO’s shirt, as well as a pair of black spandex pants with a black synthetic blend avant-garde shirt. Synthetic fabrics were the mother of all ‘Space Age’ fabrics, with Michael wearing an elastic neck, waist, and cuffs covered with circular combined puckers of fabric to create a three-dimensional effect, which prevails in obvious similar designs from the 1960’s ‘Space Age’ era. It has been on the lips of few, yet heavily on the mind of a fashion head like myself, weather this ironically dated look will ever come back. The way we dress today has been influenced by the 70’s , 80’s and 90’s trends, would it be possible for the return of the ‘Space Age’ look? Yes I think it’s return is quite possible.

As Courreges’ co-worker and futurism associate Pierre Cardin once said,

“People should understand that they cannot dress in a normal, traditional way. We are entering the world of tomorrow.”

-By Hlumelo Ntsokolo and Edited by Jonathan Lubala



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