This is a behind the scenes look at Connection’s photoshoot featuring a favourite male model, Dawid Auguscik. Much like other donned ‘bad boys’ of the modeling industry such as Bradley Soileau and Daniel Bamdad, Dawid’s skin and body acts as a living canvas, dawned in an array of tattoos. His look isn’t anything new at best, but it’s the story behind such individuals which intrigue me. What are their reasons behind their inked out bodies, and have they been inked out of foolish youthful decision or self-assured conviction? I find there’s always something to respect in a man who isn’t afraid to put himself first. Despite the backlash of comments I may receive from wayfaring readers and individuals who have succumbed to society’s distorted messagery, being true to yourself FIRST, is never a bad thing. Enjoy.

Yours Truly,

Jonathan T. Lubala