Andre Courreges Had A ‘Space Age’ Collection

The 1960’s was an era defined by aberrant fashion, greatly influenced by the ‘Space Age’. The futuristic look began to pick up in 1957 and by 1964 French designer Andre Courreges created a… Continue reading

T |Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang kept it athletically and ethnically ‘new yorkan’ incorporating baseball inspired designs. T, having started out as a t-shirt company, is getting lots of buzz from fashion critics, becoming a real complement… Continue reading

Rick Owens x Adidas |Monochromatic Opulence | Spring 2014

So was Owens trying to scare us? ‘I was hoping to,’ he explained after the show. ‘Isn’t it a delight to feel a little bit shocked? We all love menace, we all love… Continue reading



This month TOKYO DANDY made their frist trip to SEOUL. The occasion was the opening party for CANDY Nippon’s POP-UP store at ‘Koon With A View‘ in Gangnam. The four floor select store that opened… Continue reading

innocent, in a way

– Curated by our resident photographer, Demo Jones


 KTZ’s Spring Collection brought on some inspirational innovations, notably in their choice of designed kicks adorning their models on the  catwalk. Sneakers placed on a wooden base that for all  we know  could… Continue reading

Masatomo Yamaji

Frequent collaborator of front-man Will.I.Am of The Black Eyed Peas, Masatomo Yamaji, released an intriguing collection at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. Our reason for revisiting the collection is its uncanny approach… Continue reading

Dead Presidents: 555-PREZ Basquiat

The Citizen managed to catch up  with Basquiat who spoke with us from his NoHo art studio on Great Jones Street in Brooklyn, New York. There’s a lot of shuffling on the other… Continue reading

Sugar Guerrilla II