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Where You Leave Yourself

i wanted to write me from the inside out from my mother’s smooth hips to the roof of my mouth But at what age can one scrawl her own existence?   i thought… Continue reading

Systematic Orchestra

I would comfortably sit back with a cigarette in hand and watch this skyline drawn by fascist hands burn. The paper fading to ash as if the current standard of living – economic… Continue reading

LIFE by [Artist Name Here]

Born into an empty book Where memories act as ink. Giving death to life and destroying all that we knew in innocence. We write barren words on lines we cannot taste. Our existence… Continue reading

Our Debut Guest Writer

Its an absolute honor for The Cartoon Citizen to present our first Guest Writer, a raw and rare literary talent, Beatrice Hollow, who will be previewing some of her writing, poetry and brilliant… Continue reading